Membership Agreement

The undersigned hereby apply for membership in Sunny Haven Recreation Park, Inc. (the Park) and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of membership.

For the period from May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019 or any portion thereof, and the Park shall provide to the undersigned reasonable access to the facilities of the Park in consideration for which the undersigned agrees to pay the sums of

All membership dues and other dues are to be paid by April 30 of the current year. SHRP Board directed office procedures will apply after April 30. The SHRP Board has the authority to make a special assessment during the year if needed.

Member/s agree to abide by the Rules, Camera Policy, Internet Policy, Regulations and Bylaws of Sunny Haven Recreation Park, Inc. as they exist as of the date of this agreement and as they may be amended during the course of this agreement as long as the member/s is notified of any such amendment in the manner provided in the Bylaws of the Park. The member/s agree to pay AANR-MW convention registration fees for access during the AANR-MW convention, if any.

The Board of Sunny Haven Recreation Park, Inc. Following procedures specified in the Bylaws of the Park, may take such action, as it deems appropriate in the event that the member/s is found in violation of this agreement. The members acknowledges that the actions of the SHRP Board may include suspension or termination of membership.


2018 Season Member Expenses Worksheet

Membership/Lot (Family/Couple) (Single) _______________
Staying over 50% of the season +275 _______________
Extra Electrical Appliance +(see rate form) _______________
Senior Discount (if applicable) _______________
TOTAL - Membership/special fees/senior discount_______________

Checks - Payable to Sunny Haven or ACCT 146-986-5

Mail Information

Do you want to receive SHRP Newsletter? Yes [___] No [___]
If yes, provide your email address ____________________________________
Do you want to receive mail form AANR? Yes [___] No [___]
Do you want to receive renewal notices and membership cards from SHRP? Yes [___] No [___]

Credit Card Information

Visa / MC Account # ____________________________ Discover Account # __________________________
Expiration Date _____________ 3 digit code number on back of card ___________________________
Signature ____________________________________ Date ___________________

Note: Fees paid are not eligible for a federal charitable tax deduction as we are not a 501(c)(3). The IRS requires this notification.