Sunny Haven 2018-19 Guest Rates

Daily Fees Visitors AANR Visitors
Grounds Fee - Per Person $15 $10
Chalet $55 $40
Tent Camping (Plus Grounds Fee Per Person and Sales Tax) Visitors AANR Visitors
Single with no electric or water hookup $15 $10
Couple with no electric or water hookup $25 $15
Single with electric and water hookup $30 $25
Chalet Visitors AANR Visitors
Daily Rate Monday - Thursday (Plus Grounds Fee per Person and Sales Tax) $55 $40
Weekend Friday - Sunday Single $122 $86
Weekend Friday - Sunday Couple $137 $111
RV Camping with Electric and Water Includes Grounds Fees and Tax Visitors AANR Visitors
Weekly Single $198 $147
Weekly Couple $248 $187
Weekend Friday - Sunday Single $74 $58
Weekend Friday - Sunday Couple $104 $78
Holiday Weekend Friday - Monday Single $188 $137
Holiday Weekend Friday - Monday Couple $218 $167
Guest of Members Daily Rates Per Person
Visitor of Member Using Facilities (Pool, Hot Tub, Activities etc.) $10
Visitor of Member on Lot Only Free

Sunny Haven 2018-19 Membership Rates

Membership Type Family/Couple Rate Single Rate
FULL MEMBERSHIP (Includes SHRP voting rights, AANR national/regional membership through SHRP) $550 $360
Tent with no electric or water hookup $730 $360
Lot $1,350 $540
Lot with extra unit $1,400 $1,160
Lot with 50 amp, multi circuits, etc. $1,450 $1,260
Cabin $1,450 $1,260
FULL MEMBERSHIP and living on grounds $2650 $2460
FULL ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - (Includes no voting rights, AANR member elsewhere and choose to add SHRP) $475 $318
with lot $1,275 $1,118
AANR DAILY ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (Includes AANR national/regional dues, no voting rights, no lot, additional $10 person/day ground fee) $275 $210
SENIOR DISCOUNTS members with the last 3 years continuous full membership Family/Couple Discount Single Discount
Age 72-78 -$25 -$17
Age 79+ -$55 -$36
ADDITIONAL FEES applies to all members in addition to all other fees Additional Fee
Members staying on grounds over 50% of season $275
Electric appliance - based on reasonable usage (no electric dryers) $55/item
Dorm sized refrigerator $30/item
GUEST FEES - That use SHRP facilities and/or actives during season Fee Per Day
Adult 18+ $10
Children under 18 with permission slip free

NOTE: Fees are not eligible for a federal charitable tax deductions to the IRS. We are not a 501(c)(3)

Fees not paid in full by 4/20/2018 will be charged 1% on unpaid balance per month.